About Me

My great love for the art and craft of image making led me to pursue two parallel lives so that art making would never become a necessity and lose its magic. Although my drive is passion, I take pride in my work ethics. If I take on a commission, I work towards flawless planning and execution with great attention to detail to produce excellent results in a timely manner. I always deliver.


Beyond fine art photography, I love making portraits. I had the pleasure of meeting remarkable individuals over the last decade. I am fascinated by talent, behaviour and personalities. Photography is a wonderful proxy for communication and portraits are often the opening statement of many interactions. My aim with portraiture is to depict personalities in a beautiful but genuine manner. Providing direction and working with the subject is very important in my process as most of my subjects have little to no previous experience in sitting for a portrait. I avoid excessive manipulation and post processing and seek to achieve beauty with direction, posing and light. I enjoy working both in a studio and on location. Control is very important in my process so I work with artificial lights most of the time.

Film Photography & Silver Gelatin Fine Printing

The technical side of photography is equally fascinating. Although about half of my work is done digitally (specially colour work), I love black and white film photography. Besides the normal small and medium format cameras, I shoot on large format technical cameras very often. I am proficient in traditional silver gelatin fine printing and keep a fully functioning multi-format darkroom in England.​ Since the process relies on vintage equipment that is no longer produced, I do restoration, reverse engineering, recovery and retrofitting. I also design my own tools and create prototypes using modern electronics that improve my process.


I am mostly self-taught in photography. Since a young age I have dedicated most of my time to develop my artistic vision and build a body of work. I went through stages of formal education in fine art painting and classical music in a conservatory. Photography has been my favourite medium for the last 14 years. My portraiture has been published in books, magazines and used for marketing purposes. My fine art work received some distinctions and featured in both individual and collective exhibitions over the last years.

Parallel Career

Parallel to photography, my academic career in interdisciplinary research spans across fields of engineering, management and psychology. I also take on problem oriented projects with businesses, consulting in areas such as operations management, behavioural operations research, segmentation and planning. My qualifications include a PhD in Engineering, MSc in Management and MSc in Industrial Engineering. I hold multiple awards for outstanding academic performance and have been awarded multiple fellowships. My research work has been published in academic journals and my research is regularly presented at international conferences.

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Usage Rights, Prints and Commissions

I sell usage rights and limited edition prints of my fine art work. I also take on a limited amount of commissioned work.


If you would like to use my images, order a print or hire me for portrait work do not hesitate in contacting me. I am fluent in English, Portuguese and Russian.

Contact Info

Location: Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

e-mail: aak.photog@gmail.com

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