About Me

I am a fine art portrait photographer and printer. I do not depend financially on photography so if I accept a commission it is out of genuine interest in the subject. I am currently mainly based in Sydney, Australia, where I have my studio and darkroom.


I love making portraits and working with people. I have had the pleasure of meeting remarkable individuals to whom I owe my body of work. I am fascinated by talent, behaviour and personalities. Photography is a wonderful form of communication and portraits are often the first impression and an opening statement of many interactions. My aim with portraiture is to depict personalities in a beautiful but genuine manner. Providing direction and working with the subject is very important in my process as most of my subjects have little to no previous experience in sitting for a portrait. I avoid excessive manipulation and post processing is limited to what can be done in a traditional darkroom. I achieve beauty through direction, posing, optics and light design.

Silver Gelatin Process / Traditional Darkroom

The technical side of photography is equally fascinating. Although some of my work is done digitally (particularly colour work and montage), I specialise in black and white silver gelatin process. Besides the normal small and medium format cameras, I like to shoot on large format technical cameras when appropriate. I am proficient in traditional silver gelatin fine printing and run a multi-format darkroom in Sydney where I print my work. Most of my work is printed on 12x16 gloss fibre projected vertically but I also ​do occasional mural sized prints up to 50in wide. Since the process relies on vintage equipment that is no longer produced, I take advantage on my engineering training to do restoration, reverse engineering, recovery and retrofitting. I also develop my own tools and create bespoke solutions using modern technology (e.g. micro-controllers and LED) that improves my process.


I am mostly self-taught in photography. Since a young age I have dedicated most of my time to develop my artistic vision and build a body of work. I went through years of formal education in fine art drawing and painting as well as classical music and piano in a conservatory. Photography has been my preferred medium since 2005. My portraiture has been published in books, albums, magazines and used for marketing purposes. My fine art work received distinctions and featured in both individual and collective exhibitions internationally over the years with some of my images featuring private collections and permanent exhibitions.

Parallel Career

Parallel to photography, I am a cross-disciplinary scientist combining insights from behavioural science, industrial engineering, cybersecurity, management, data science, and business analytics to help large organisations achieve better outcomes, design better systems, and encourage both staff and customers to make better choices and have fewer regrets. The common thread unifying my work is the effective integration of behaviour in complex systems at scale. My core interests include mechanisms of trust, perceived vulnerability, risk perception, behavioural segmentation, social engineering, planning mistakes, naïve interventionism, emotion modelling, systemic and algorithmic behaviour. My work has received academic and industrial awards and was regularly presented at international conferences; featured in professional outlets as well as traditional media such as BBC News, Security Magazine, Forbes, The Guardian, and the National Geographic. I also published chapters in books and articles in top academic journals such as the Journal of the Operations Research Society, Regulation & Governance, Production Planning and Control and others. I also lectured at post-graduate level and supervised over 50 masters dissertations.


PhD in Engineering by the University of Warwick (UK)

MSc in Management by the Cranfield School of Management (UK)

MSc in Industrial Engineering by the University of Aveiro (Portugal)

Lic. in Industrial Engineering by the University of Aveiro (Portugal)


Usage Rights, Prints and Commissions

I sell usage rights and limited edition prints of my fine art work. I also take on a limited amount of commissioned work.


If you would like to use my images, order a print or commission a portrait do not hesitate in contacting me. I am fluent in English, Portuguese and Russian.

Contact Info

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

e-mail: aak.photographer@gmail.com

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